Bradley Hook.

Author, Travel Writer, Publisher, Media Agency Director


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Who is Bradley Hook?

Surfer. Writer. Digital Director. Not necessarily in that order.

My work has been featured on the covers of several international magazines and my first book, Surfing Life Waves, was published in December 2012.

Surfing Life Waves is a philosophy based on elements of the surfing experience and has received praise for its uplifting message and positive perspectives.

Tantric Mountain, my second book, was released in October 2015 and explores a dark, seductive world of conspiracy, paranoia, and lies. Multiple narrators compete for the stage in a story that lures the reader toward a gripping climax that will leave you wanting more.

My forthcoming novel, Eve and the Tree, is the story of a lone traveller who becomes entranced by a bejewelled tree he discovers in a forest in India. Brushed with magic realism, romance and philosophical musings, this book explores the road less travelled.

Returning to all things oceanic, I have also authored and narrated a series of children’s books called Beachy Creatures.

I live beside the ocean in New Zealand, with Geniya and daughter Anastasia. My creative process involves long walks, dictation and two women – one in Sri Lanka and the other in the Philippines. More about that in a forthcoming blog post.

When not writing fiction, I help organisations and individuals tell their stories, using the best possible mediums and technologies. I’ve worked with several organisations, thought leaders and celebrity speakers on innovative digital projects.